Listed below is a sampling of recent studies that Professor Evans has published in various contexts. Some of the papers are in proof form and copyright restrictions may apply.

(Click the titles to download full-text PDF files.)

How Long Were Late Antique Books in Use? Possible Implications for New Testament Textual Criticism – in Bulletin for Biblical Research 25 (2015) 23-37.

Jesus and Psalm 91 in Light of the Exorcism Scrolls – in P. W. Flint, J. Duhaime, and K. S. Baek (eds.), Celebrating the Dead Sea Scrolls: A Canadian Contribution (Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature, 2011) 541-55.

Morton Smith and the Secret Gospel of Mark: Exploring the Grounds for Doubt - Paper presented at a conference hosted by York University, Toronto, April 2011. To be published in conference volume.

Prophet, Sage, Healer, Messiah, and Martyr: Types and Identities of Jesus - in Stanley E. Porter and Tom Holmén (eds.), Handbook for Study of the Historical Jesus (4 vols., Leiden: Brill, 2010) 2:1217-43.

Jewish Scripture and the Literacy of Jesus - C. A. Evans and W. H. Brackney (eds.), From Biblical Criticism to Biblical Faith (Mercer University Press, 2007) 41-54.

Mark's Incipit and the Priene Calendar Inscription: From Jewish Gospel to Greco-Roman Gospel - Journal of Greco-Roman Christianity and Judaism 1 (2000) 67-81.

Messianic Hopes and Messianic Figures in Late Antiquity - Journal of Greco-Roman Christianity and Judaism 3 (2006) 9-40.

Jewish Burial Traditions and the Resurrection of Jesus - Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus 3 (2005) 233-48.

Assessing Progress in the Third Quest of the Historical Jesus - Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus 4 (2006) 35-54.

Jewish Versions of the Gospel of Matthew - Mishkan 38 (2003) 70-79.

The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Jewishness of the Gospels - Mishkan 44 (2005) 9-17.

Understanding the Gospel of Judas - Bulletin for Biblical Research 20 (2010) 561-74.




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