Logos Bible Software Presents
The Craig Evans Synoptic Gospels Bundle (3 courses)
by Craig A. Evans, Logos Mobile Education • Lexham Press 2015-2016


Examine the Synoptic Gospels—Matthew, Mark, and Luke—with Dr. Craig Evans. Follow the story of Jesus from infancy to resurrection to discover the ancient context of Matthew's Gospel, the authorship of Mark, and the implications of Luke for the church today.

Individual Courses

Product Details

Title: Craig Evans Synoptic Gospels Bundle (3 courses)
Instructors: Craig Evans
Publisher: Lexham Press
Publication Date: 2015
Product Type: Logos Mobile Education
Resource Type: Courseware, including transcripts, audio, and video resources
Courses: 3
Video Hours: 28

Getting the most out of Mobile Ed

Mobile Ed’s integration with Logos Bible Software creates an unparalleled learning environment. Lectures are fully searchable and linked to the rest of your library. We transcribe every word so you can focus on adding your own reflections as you watch and read along. Suggested readings open with a click, and video tutorials show you how to use Logos to research your topic even further.

With any Logos base package, you will be able to view the lectures and interact with the transcripts. For the best learning experience, we recommend Logos Platinum.

  • Readings for the courses are often tailored to Platinum because the larger library provides access to a wide range of suggested resources and increases search results for further study.

  • The Platinum collection best matches the resources used in video tutorials. It includes a breadth of commentaries, original-language studies, and over 1,400 resources to deepen your study.

For more information and purchasing, visit the Logos website.



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